But these are days we dream about, when the sunlight paints us gold, and this apartment could not be prettier as when we danced up there alone.

hej, long time no see. jag har haft ett fantastiskt jullov hittils med snö, familj, jultraditioner och vänner från alla olika delar av sverige. bilderna är från imorse, gick en promenad i skogen. det var underbart (fast kallt). ps. förlåt för alla naturbilder jag har slängt på er på senaste tiden, men dalarna är så fruktansvärt fint under denna årstiden! god jul och gott nytt år!

The brokenness inside as hope and less collide, now nothing is real


But when conducting business she would lie about where she’s from, saying, "Life is how it is, not how it was"

the winter is finally here with snow and -20°C

And with these drinks I plan to collapse and forget this wasted year, these wasted years

My twinsister

And so I raise my glass to symmetry, to the second hand and it's accuracy, to the actual size of everything. The desert is the sand.

Julia and Olivia

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You see, sorrow gets too heavy and joy it tends to hold you with the fear that it eventually departs

Last wednesday. Sorry for my absence, I've just been really busy with other things lately.

Like the thing that you tried that you thougt that you liked for a minute, then it all felt wrong so you're change it again, all your clothes, all you're friends it's the same as it ever was

Jag var ute med Ebba häromkvällen och experimenterade med långa slutartider + stativ + extern blixt utlöst flera gånger under samma exponering. så alla dessa bilder består alltså av en exponering var, inget trix i photoshop.

I was out with Ebba the other night, experimenting with long exposures + tripod + external flash triggered several times during each exposure. so there is no photoshop here, I just Lighroomed the colors a bit.

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