I need something I want to be close to



Jag åker idag, kommer hem på söndag! Hejdå!

Or you can just let go and be lifted to the sky

Fler bilder från samma tillfälle som förra inlägget.

You could capture this with camera clicks, but it don't exist. Just light on negatives.

She's standing in the ashes at the end of the world, four winds blowing through her hair.

Det var ett asgulligt barn på besök här idag, hon pratade franska! Coolt.

So we imagine a darkness, where all shapes divide, solids changing into light.

And I scream, but I still don’t know why I do it. Because the sound never stays, it just swells and decays, so what is the point?

And they started just falling thirty thousand feet

Lofsdalen, påsklov.

The tape hiss will cover the words that he sings

Början på en astrevlig födelsedagsfest tillägnad Jonas som fyllde 18! Grattis!!

Everything is eclipsed, by the shape of destiny.

But there's a feeling I get when the amp is loud enough

Believe what everyone else tells me is true

Igårkväll med Julia, Olivia, Linnea, Ebba, Pontus & hans lillebror, Isabel, Anna och Signe.

Sunrise, sunset, go home to your apartment, put the cassette in the tape deck and let that fever play.

Skåneresan med Liv.

The truth is all that I am, is a passing event that will be forgotten.

Min och Livs skånehelg i polaroidbilder. Lägger kanske upp några digitala imorgon. Nu: Sova.

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