I'm not carefree, no, I'm free to care, I just never do.

Från malmö och köpenhamn med ebba. På tåget hem fick vi uppleva både soluppgång och solnedgång.

They invented love all right, but they still can't make the right plastic or metal or whatever to hold it all in. So, it just keeps leaking.

Polaroider från senaste månaden. Den sista är på mig och Conor Oberst förra veckan i köpenhamn, det var nog den bästa dagen i mitt liv. (läs om den dagen här hehe)

The levity of longing that instills each dream inside my head by morning, watered down, forget

olivia and julia part two.

Well, in the dark we’re just air, so the house might dissolve. Once we’re gone, who’s gonna care If we were ever here at all?

Fotade julia och olivia igår. del ett av två.

Don't you weep. there is nothing as lucky, as easy, or free.

Skåne part two.

they cross themselves and offer up their checkbooks, slight suffering is not too much to ask, besides we all are making money

Pictures from my trip to skåne with malin. (part one). today i'm taking the train to skåne again, and tomorrow i will se conor oberst with ebba in copenhagen!!! i'll be back saturday.

You accept all you see is a mirror, and a mirror is all it can be, a reflection of something we’re missing

Polaroids of julia and olivia. Tomorrow I'm off to Skåne again, I'll be back on tuesday! And thanks for all your nice comments, I appreciate them alot!

You can go right out of your mind trying to escape from the panicked paradox of day to day.

olivia och julia igår

And the future hangs over heads, and it moves with each current event, until it falls all around like a cold, steady rain. Just stay in when it's looking this way.


We will learn, we will love, we will work, to change each other. We will spread, we will cover the earth, like air and water.

Från resan till Skåne. Del två.

There is endless entertainment in thinking the world is gonna end. And I live some nights convinced of it but I keep waking up again

Jag är tillbaka i dalarna igen! Här är bilder från resan till Skåne. Del ett.

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