I dreamed you were carried away on the crest of a wave, baby don't go away, come here

Now I'm staring at the sun, waiting for it to explode. Because a day is gonna come, don't know when but it will come

Jag vill kunna lägga upp bredare bilder på min blogg. såhär brett vill jag egentligen ha (klicka). Men problemet blir då att alla stående bilder blir alldeles för stora för folk med små bildskärmar. hm. vad tycker ni?

First you want to ride off into the sun, then you want to shoot straight to the moon. Make a plan to love me sometime soon

Jag tycker egentligen att naturbilder är väldigt tråkigt, men det var fantastiskt ljus och jag vet ju inte: ni kanske gillar naturbilder.

Everyone gives up, down on hard luck and hope aint enough it seems

Fler bilder på julia och olivia från i lördags.

the love we made at gunpoint wasn't love at all. the dancing in the valley, the moons, the mirrored ball.

var ute och fotade julia och olivia igår.

Some far of feelings, upclose kind of ache. That instant karma, always comes to late

Matilda idag. någon som frågade om före/efter-bild på redigering. KLICKA HÄR

One brick on top of another, such is the measure of man

You're a white collar boy and you gave into the law

Isabelle, Linnea och Ebba i onsdags.

The air was all dust, a night so untamed

isn't it hard to be that profound, aren't you afraid of falling to the ground

yesterday with signe

So I'm having it out with the rain. It argues so long and so loud. It keeps tapping and talking, we're walking forever on First Avenue headed south.


I don't know where to go, but oh, it's the most simple mathematics. No pi or e or i involved, no need for graphic calculators

fler bilder på ebba. följ mig med bloglovin

But oh, the joy that i do feel, that unlike you we've got something honest, true and real, that will soon develop and bloom


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