Take a piece of the sunshine with me on a red eye flight to another world.

ebba borrowed the camera to take some photos of me. we + matilda + hanna are moving to london together soon soon soon!!

A lonesome broken dawn that finally comes, just as I was losing faith. You keep every promise you make.

I'm staring out into that vacuum again from the back porch of my mind. the only thing that's alive, I'm all there is.

I was out with ebba for a shoot. probably the last one before we move to london! these are the polaroids, I've got loads of digital photos too.

So tell me, what's the point of surviving? Why do we try so hard to stay alive? We know that nothing we do really matters and it will wash away with time.


To escape, we will always get caught in the fear that what you had before was better

Ebba Vol III (of III)

The sweet day is almost weightless in here

Ebba Vol II (of III)

I met you through a common friend in the attic of my parent's house, and though I didn't know it then I soon was finding out; you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place

Vol I (of III)

agfa optima 500

I bought an old analogue camera in a thrift store and tried to shoot a roll of film. here is the result.


I had a fantastic festival, thank you all for making it so special. I've got more photos on my facebook. here are some pics from last year.

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