India Day 14-15: Nainital + New Delhi

15:th-16th of October. I took the morning bus to Nainital and spent the whole day in the beautiful mountain lake city before catching the 12-hour-lasting night bus to Dehli. Back in Dehli i got a really disgusting hotel and spent one night in a windowless, small and filthy room before catching the flight to Bagdogra airport in West Bengal.

ps. is it getting boring with just pictures from india? should I show you something else in between?

India Day 13: Last day in Chilianaula, Uttarakhand

14th of October. The air was so clear on my last day in Chilianaula, that you could see the snow peaked mountains perfectly. It was really something!

India Day 8-11: Chilianaula, Uttarakhand

9th-11th of October. The days in chilianaula were some of the most relaxing days I've ever experinced in my life. I woke up to see the sun rise over the mountains almost every morning, and spent the days with just walking around, taking pictures, listening to music, paint, write, relax. It was amazing. And one of the evenings I took part of a ceremony at the tempel, it was really interesting.

India Day 7: Abandoned Primary School, Chilianaula, Uttarakhand

8th of October, Chilianaula. I walked around for some hours and found an amazing abandoned school. It was located in a beautiful forest on a hilltop. Imagine going to school there! India is an amizing playgound if you want to photograph people, all the locals loves to get photographed, especially children.

ps. sorry for my absence, i've been doing a lot of things lately, been to berlin over five days, went to copenhagen for a concert etc etc. I've got loads of pictures stocked up for you though! I just need to find some time to show them. December will probably be slower in pace though, so be prepared to get several entrys a week!

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