Day 2 & 3: Casablanca and Hassan el Glaoui

22/2 & 23/2

Day 2: The streets of Casablanca


Day 1: The Flight

Skavsta-Bryssel-Casablanca! 21/2.


tomorrow i will start my month in morocco. i'll take the flight early in the morning, and on the 24th of march i'm back in sweden again. i will make a four day-stop in london on my way home. this will be so exciting!! i'm planning to give you updates from down there, but i don't know how much time/internet connection i will have. but i'll do my best! goodbye! (you can follow my journey in written words here)

Someone to light me up, someone to burn the proof of the things that I've done

winter wonderland

My love and affection, my love and devotion. Devotion, devotion, devotion.

just some frames from this past week

Girls found honey to drench our hands. Men cut marble to mark our graves. Said we’ll need something to remind us of all the sweetness that has passed through us.

olivia ››three/three‹‹

There is hope, there is joy, and there is acceptance. So now let all the light that collects on your plants keep you warm, make you smile.

olivia ››two/three‹‹

Now he's a shape that moves, like echoes through my empty room. And there's a voice that speaks, like someone's right behind me.

olivia. and this is hard. i've got looooads of pictures from this shoot, and so many good. i've choosen 39 (+/-) that I want to share with you. is that too many? i'm planning on putting them out in three entries. so this is ››one/three‹‹

But I'm not going to bang against your throat, you know we're all at sea, I've seen it myself. I just want home.

today i had a very nice shoot with olivia. we spent hours in this big empty house, and these are all the polaroids i took. i've got loads of digital images to upload later.

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