eighteenth birthday

me and my twinsister are celebrating our 18th birthday today, congrats to us!

I'm going out sleepwalking where mute memories start talking

it's been snowing very much the past couple of days, it's nice but a bit annoying. snowball fights are fun though! and right, become a fan of me on facebook hehe

Coat check I couldn't remember, walked into the winter, came out on the other side

Julia part two

We used to roll the windows down and play the music loud, smoking out in her car, lost in west omaha.

I went back to my beloved train with Julia. (part one)

Tomorrow’s a new day but it’s that same face that you’ll be wearing then.

Ebba. I'm always very careful with getting the focus, light and everything as technically correct as possible, so today I felt like doing something totally different from what I usually shoot. I reeled out of focus, overexposed a few, and used long exposures. what do you think?

walking with you through the courtyard, everything's marble and smooth. you said the idea of perfection was just fundamentally cruel.

moa (part two)

North of the city, on the quiet, quiet road I find myself dreaming of days long ago

moa (part one)

Christmas holiday

This christmas break has been really great! I've had people here visiting from all over the country, and I've had so many great evenings with friends, video games, board games, wine, laughter and joy. And on top of that, Clara came home from the states on the 23rd of december, so I received my newly bought camera; Canon EOS 7D!! It was a really good buy, especially since my other wonderful, beloved camera (Canon EOS 400D) got brutaly crushed (click for pic, or here for more pics) by a bus on new years eve, just one week after I received the 7D! I hope you've all had a nice holiday, and thanks for all the kind words, they mean a lot!

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