Spring is around the corner and it feels like the perfect moment for a fresh start! I'm moving my blog to the wonderful site djungeltrumman.se. They have been very positive about this, and I have a great feeling about it!

My new adress will be:


but since it's so long and hard to remember (escpecially if you don't understand swedish, since djungeltrumman is a swedish word), you can also reach the blog by just typing in:


Thanks to all of you for following me here theese last couple of years, you have given me so much with all your positive comments, they really mean a lot. I hope you will join me on my new blog! And thanks blogg.se, i've enjoyed my time here very much!

(ps. as stated above, don't un-subscribe this blog on bloglovin, your subscription will automatically go over to the new adress in just a couple of days. Hang in there).

Day 12: The Atlas Mountains (Part 1)

We were walking in the mountains for some hours, it was amazing. (4/3)

Day 11: Jardine Majorelle, Marrakech

Moa, Linnea and I went to the beautiful garden Jardine Majorelle in Marrakech. It was absolutley amazing! (3/3)

Day 10: The Mellah of Marrakech

We walked around in the old jewish area of Marrakech. And I just wanna say thanks for all your comments, they mean a lot.

Day 9: The Souks of Marrakech

We walked around in the small alleys of the souks most of the day. (1/3). Sorry for the abscence, have been really busy the last couple of days. But I'm planning on giving you one entry a day from now on. I've only got one week left here in this wonderful country!

Day 8: Marrakech

28/2. The second day in Marrakech.

Day 7: First day in Marrakch

27/2. I took the train from casablanca to marrakech. on the evening my other swedish friends joined up, and we took a walk through the city. it's wonderful with lots of color and narrow alleyways. we are staying at a wonderful place in the middle of the medina called Academia Arabesca. it has a great roof terrace with a wonderful view over the city.
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Day 4: Sunset over the ocean, Casablanca

Casablanca. 24/2

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