India Day 5: Chilianaula, Uttarakhand

6th of October, Chilianaula

India Day 4: Chilianaula + Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

5th of October. Took a shared taxi (20 min, 8 Rs or 1,50 kr) to Ranikhet over the day.

India: Day 1-3, From Delhi to Chilianaula, Uttarakhand

I arrived on October 2nd to a horrible and stressfull New Delhi and took the first train I coud find up towards the mouintains. On the second day of travelling I arrived to the amazing small village Chilianaula in Uttrakhand (map). All these pictures are taken there. I watched amizing sunrises and sunsets over the mountains and valleys.

my sister's wedding pt 2: the ceremony

Photos from the ceremony and separate portraits. and also somone asked for my email adress:

my sister's wedding pt 1: preparations

Pictures from the preparations of my sister's wedding this summer.

So don't be fooled. No don't get lied to. Love was always cruel.

Last fall.

I haven't been gone very long but it feels like a lifetime.

Some polaroids from the last time I was in Paris.

We all accept in the same tired way, the gentle shift of continuous change.

oldie but goodie

It's an infinite coincidence but it doesn't form a plan.

some polaroids from my trip to gotland with malin.

I was dreaming about your record collection and all of our scratched affection.

Some polaroids from my graduation week.

I'm stranded in my bed so I think about the bad luck, the bad blood that may have come between two good souls.

Does he know that place below your neck is your favorite to be touched?


A lonesome broken dawn that finally comes just as I was losing faith, you keep every promise you make.

I was flying home from london at sunrise.

Tu es joli les cheveux attachés à moi.

Louise in Hampstead Heath

And he shot me dead.

my last few days in london

And now my ashtray's overflowing, I'm still staring at a clean white page. Oh and morning's at my window she is sending me to bed again.

Don't be frightened of turning the page.

from last winter

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