And it's too hard to focus through all this doubt, I keep making these to-do lists but nothing gets crossed out

sorry for the lack of updates, my mind has been somewhere else. just yesterday me and ebba got home from a weekend in berlin with a lot of laughter, yatzy, wine, an amazing bright eyes-concert (plus one in stockholm), 4 photobooth-strips (see above) and a re-visit to the old military complex.

But I wait for a letter that is coming to me, she sends me pictures of the ocean in an envelope.

The other day I sat by Faluån with my friends in the sunshine, longing for spring

I had the wildest dream last night, I was swimming with you in that cenote the heavens made with black fire, just woke up too soon.

last friday I saw northern lights on the sky for the first time in my life, it was incredibly beautiful.

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today (jan 31) me and my twinsister linnea is turning 19. it's nothing special, but having a twin is really special though. I would say that it's one of the greatest privileges a person can get. you're never really alone, even when your parted with an ocean and life sucks, you always know you have each other. linnea is moving to california on thursday and I'm gonna miss her soooo. the pictures are old scanned photos from our childhood.

A question burns beneath the centuries of dirt

second hand shopping on a regular tuesday with linnea, olivia and julia. first time I portrayed a person in the sun with my camera since septemer! longing for spring.

And watched the ocean dance under the moon


You were born inside of a raindrop and I watched you falling to your death.

swedish winterwonderland

Abandoned Military Complex, Berlin (Pt. 2)

Part two with pictures of the abandoned military complex outside of Berlin.

Abandoned Military Complex, Berlin (Pt. 1)

I went to Berlin to visit Moa in the end of november. One day we decided to take the s-bahn + bus out 1,5 h to nowhere to visit an old abandoned natzi/russian military complex. It was so so sooooo amazing!! We walked around for hours, going from building to building and just exploring all the forgotten places. this is part one.

India Day 28: The flight home

I left Darjeeling and took the flight to Mumbay, and flew home the next day. It was nice to land on swedish ground, but the month I spent in India was truly incredible. It's an amazing country. I hope you've enjoyed all the pictures from my trip!

India Day 22-26: Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling. Ah, Darjeeing. It was definitly the highlight on my trip. I stayed at the most amazing little hotel called Andys Guesthouse, it was located on the absolute top of the hillstation that Darjeeling is. They had an amazing roof terrace with almost 360° view! I went up at 5 AM every morning to watch the first sunrays hit the snow peaked mountains (see the first picture). I've never felt so mighty, standing up there on top of the whole city, with valleys and mountain peaks surrounding me. I wanted to stay there forever. The atmosphare of Darjeeling was incredible as well with a lot of nice restaurants and good food. If you're going to India, you can't miss Darjeeling! And you must stay at Andy's Guesthouse.

India Day 17-21: Pelling, Sikkim

After four days of travelling I finally arrived to my destination! Pelling, Sikkim. I felt like crying. After four days of travelling, I arrived to a rainy, cold, and fully-booked pelling and I hadn't eaten in 25 hours. I went from hotel to hotel in the rain trying to find a room. Finally I got a cold dark room for just one night. The electricity was out and everything felt so so bad. But after some food and one night of good sleep I woke up at sunrise to see what I had wanted to see when I first heard of Pelling. The first rays of sunlight hitting the worlds third largest mountain, Kangchenjunga. It. Was. Amazing. I then found an amaing hotel with view of Kangchenjunga from the bed and stayed there for four days, just visiting monasteries on mountain tops, walking around, writing, painting and photographed (as I did most of the time in India hehe). It was so beautilful once it stopped raining. ah.

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