And it's too hard to focus through all this doubt, I keep making these to-do lists but nothing gets crossed out

sorry for the lack of updates, my mind has been somewhere else. just yesterday me and ebba got home from a weekend in berlin with a lot of laughter, yatzy, wine, an amazing bright eyes-concert (plus one in stockholm), 4 photobooth-strips (see above) and a re-visit to the old military complex.

Lovely :)
Haha, gulliga bilder! ^^ Och älskar låten du citerar. Älskar Bright Eyes! Blev så glad när jag såg att de kommer till Sverige igen, men sen så ledsen när jag insåg att WTAI flyttat till Göteborg. :(
I love your Brenda-Walsh-Lookalike-Friend. Much love for you both!