I never liked a sad look from someone who wants to be loved by you

just some recent snapshots

Revisit: Abandoned Military Complex, Berlin (Pt. 2)

pt 2 from krampnitzee outside of berlin.

I never thought about you this winter; I never thought about you this spring

olivia. i'm obsessing over direct sunlight through tree branches and enjoying every warm sun ray that hits my winter bleached skin. spring is just around the corner. i hope.

Revisit: Abandoned Military Complex, Berlin (Pt. 1)

Ebba and I went to berlin a couple of weeks ago, and we took one day to do some urban exploring and visit the abandoned military complex outside of berlin (krampnitzee) that I went to with moa last november. It's a must-do if you go to berlin, it's so amazing. I never grasped how huge the area was last time I was there, this time we went through at least 15 buildings, and there were at least 20-30 more.

Cast on a school of meditation built to soften the times and hold us at the center while the spiral unwinds. It's knocking over fences, crossing property lines, four winds, cry until it comes.


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