Roadtrip Pt 2: Copenhagen

On the second afternoon of our trip we arrived to Copenhagen and checked in at our hostel before heading out on the street in the warm afternoon light. We walked through the whole city and I must say that it's really beautiful, there were so many times that I thought "I could live there" and looked at one of the thousands of beautiful buildings. pt 2

Roadtrip Pt 1: Falun-Stockholm-Copenhagen

The 24th of April me, axel, ebba, eric and jonas began a week-long roadtrip towards Berlin. The trip was planned as following: Falun-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Berlin-Copenhagen-Falun. Our first stop was Stockholm where we stayed one afternoon/night in axels grandmothers flat with an amazing view. The next morning we continued in a southerly direction towards Denmark and Copenhagen. (pt 1)

And though spring, it did come slowly, I guess it did it's part; My heart has thawed and continues to beat.

in mid-april me and ebba were out on a one-day roadtrip. we gave my parents a ride to arlanda (stockholm airport) before heading back towards falun. we stopped at various second hand stores, parked the car i uppsala, bought bread and cream cheese and sat ourself down by fyrisån in the sun. it was the first perfect spring day of the year and a lot of people were having picnic in the grass. after some hours in uppsala we continued back home, stopping at a cosy lake outside of sala. we lay down on the pier and looked up at the sky. the air had a scent of spring in it. as we reached closer to home the sun was beginning to set and ebba sat in the passenger seat with her feats on the panel and we were singing along together to kanye west. it was the definition of a great day.

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