She is papering the window panes, she is putting on a smile, living in a glass house

we live on the edge of a cliff by the sea, the wind never really stops howling here. but that's ok and anyway you're turning twenty tomorrow, so congratulations!

paris mon amor

hi! long time since last post. a couple of months ago i decided to put away my camera in the topmost corner of my home until february the 2nd when i will move to paris (!!) with my friend karin. i guess that i wanted to find new energy and inspiration to shoot, since i've been completely drowned of it for a while now. but i've been shooting a bit lately so there might be another post before paris. otherwise, if you want to see what i've been up to while not posting here check my instagram (olofgrind is my account). i can't wait to move to paris btw, i'm so excited. here are two polaroids from past visits to paris:

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